Tom Gates: A Tiny Bit Lucky

Tom Gates: A Tiny Bit Lucky

Doodles, disasters, silly laughs… Seventh in the series that’s scooped the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Red House Award and Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. Call that luck?

We call it genius. YEAH!

Tom is back. He’s still as daft as a brush. And he’s going to make you laugh your funnybones off again. Tom, Derek and Norman need some SERIOUS band practice. Why? For the Rockwekly Bandbattle Audition, of course. Time for Dogzombies to show the world that they bite DEAD hard. And time for another crazy Tom Gates diary. Music to our ears.

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What Liz says:

Tom’s CHEESE disaster was based on my husband when he was a kid. He brought some cheese back from a school trip as a present for his Dad. He kept it in his bag ALL DAY on the long hot journey. Eeewwwww!

What everyone says:

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