Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mum’s bought loads of bananas.
I do like bananas but there are TONS of them.
So they don’t start to go brown and mushy, i’ve been EXTRA creative and put some of them to good use.
Ha! Ha!

Delia looking jolly.

I gave this one to Delia - she wasn't impressed. POKE holes in the skin to make it go black like this. It's like MAGIC!

I gave this one to Delia – she wasn’t impressed. POKE holes in the skin to make it go black like this. It’s like MAGIC!


SUPER FAST fossils

Monday, 29 April 2013

My granddad Bob is pretty   f a s t  when he’s in his mobility scooter.
(Even when Granny Mavis is hanging off the back with her roller blades on  – YES I did say ROLLER BLADES.)

Grannny and Grandad


They are both over 90 years old. When I showed the video to Grandad
he said. 

“I’d like to see them run that fast doing THIS…”


(Very funny Granddad. Ha! Ha!)

(Very funny Granddad. Ha! Ha!)


Playground slide stuff

Saturday, 06 April 2013


MY MUM only went and hung out ONE pair of my pants on the washing line which was SO EMBARRASSING! Especially when DELIA kept laughing at them and ME.

tried to take them down, but Mum told me to “LEAVE them to dry” (Groan.) So I went round to Derek’s house and we took Rooster out for a walk (which took my mind of my pants swinging on the washing line for a bit…groan.)

Rooster got a bit grubby – mostly because he kept following us down the slide in the
playground which had a puddle at the bottom. Me and Derek managed to avoid it…

Rooster didn’t.
Check out this dog, it’s REALLY funny and reminds me of Rooster.